Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hyper Empaths

Empathy. Problem.

Don't know how many people are out there who are able to absorb and feel the emotional state of persons they are interacting with-- whether they want to or not to.

Think of it like an unfiltered X-ray vision. Can you bear a conversation which you already know is covered by a fake smile or defensive repetitive gestures to escape from a particular thing that is bugging them.
Wherever you go and interact, same uncovered truth which you cant "turn off", still you have to laugh on their "jokes"(best cover of 'em all).. you have to listen to all of the care-talk that displays them as high-thinker while you still see that how much of that is real but still you listen them through because you can still feel the sense of rejection they might get if you don't.. some of us will think this as a coward step, like not bold enough to shut someone off.

No sense of boundaries makes it difficult to have normal friends and also is enough to twist any relationship.
Lies are needed to have a normal functioning state of mind which you can believe in and simply step in the "don't care" region.

Some manage to control it by creating their own artificial set of rules or say boundaries so that they are not exposed too much to a person. Watching their each step and live "too-carefully" so that they do not have to put with the problems of which they are not part of. To save their selves from unnecessarily clinging on to people and to build up the false expectations.

This "management" of their often ends in seclusion, where they become separated with outside world. They find it "easier" than the chaos they might get in with normal routine. Which is not bad as it sounds but it actually blocks them to be "happy". They may save themselves from the pain but also cut their selves off  from the things that makes them light and happy. Hence this trade-off is not the optimal solution for these people.

They even can't share whats happening with them because they know what its like to be on the other side of such conversation. May be there is a fancy term and a good explanation for this in Freud's world but here it is just another confusion inducing text.

Don't know how to end this unfinished post.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Preface to HOOK THEORY

People and bullshit...nope
New thinking patterns...? might be
Lets start...

I met two kinds of people with different mind setups.
Lets start with those who i already knew existed, i.e., The couples.
As usual, we don't have normally anything interesting to write about any couple. So cheers to those fellas.

Now the interesting part... "The CRUSHers" - A term adopted from an idiotic discussion.
Quick Question: Do you like to be liked by others...?
Of course, yes. So think,
For Girls: How many guys are there to pick you up from your house if you have to attend a party in which they are not invited?
For Guys: How many girls are there you forget to invite to the party and even if you call them just on time, they do not miss that chance...?

Oh yeah, feeling proud(be truthful to at least your own self)... You must, because thats your victory right here and hence you are eligible for becoming a "CRUSHer".

This post is mere an introduction to one broader aspect of life - "The Hook Theory : Inspired by ******" which will be covered in later posts...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chain reaction of "Shittyness" among our heads.

The typical meanness we want to hide or want to run away from:

Situation: Your mind is fucked up.
To do: Freshen yourself up.
Actually you do: Go and fuck others minds too.
Conclusion: You feel satisfied that you are not the only one with a fucked up mind.
Side-effects: You will be known as SATAN!
Reaction: You again start feeling powerful.

The above case might not be that general, but i somehow managed to co-relate with that and hence writing this post about "how meaningful is is our meanness"(wow! it actually rhymed!)
Anyways, the point is that no matter how you try to end this world, but the actual truth is that it will self-demolish itself some day.(which is kind of exciting though!)

The words written above will amuse you if you have accepted the real yourself and the fact that to think in wrong direction sometimes is a way to help your own self to accomplish the tasks left behind each time you remained silent anywhere.

So folks, go ahead and recognize your "mean" attitude and place it on those heights from which it can really cherish itself and can grow more stronger because ultimately it is the next "weapon of mass destruction".

Friday, December 3, 2010


xams r on... experienced a hurdle today... may be a back... but surprisingly still not feeling anything! no regret, no sadness, no anger, no happy-happy that should have been there...!!! such lack of curiosity shouldn't be there, i guess.

this engineering seems fake day after day from the year it has started.

does the degree matters so much(yeah, we all know d answer)

lets point the reason for value of degree, in our lives:

1. "for securing a job" - explained further in point 3
     WINNER reason

2. to prove yourself that you can.
     a bit philosophical but needed for +ve motivation.

3. to be a part of making new things that are not required but will be made a necessity for huge profits.
    okay, that was communistic.

4. to learn.
    kidding. ;) :P

5. challenge accepted thingy.
   if so, then you r a brave idiot... at least to me!

6. walking with someone else's mind.
   any reason like frnds, parents, no othr option, etc

7. .............................
   help me out here fellas... i'm getting short at reasons!

so, the point is - help ourselves to make this remaining degree some more exciting.
plz suggest.
An appeal to all those students who are feeling the same about their studies... or m i alone! O.o
Actually appeal is for everyone. The above statement is just to create that dramatic effect...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

what to write in bogus idea no 2...

i'm always a li'l short at contents like my height. even this time i've nothing to write but i'm writing... is this really helps???
lets find out an idea to which this post can rely on, if not it won't make to this blog....
the famous "broken-heart" content may be... naah, thats borring...... ego shattering cases.... note that one too... regretting on which what we have expected of and what we get.... sounds ridiculous... hmmm, how about the true love shit... ohk, i accept this one's a PJ... anyways, the thing is - ARE these all connected?
what i meant is one gets angry when someone left him/her for some other... this directly means that better than him... may be this is interpreted as an attack on one's individuality... and he ends up in either anger or just pity on his own condition... but hey, in both the conditions, the development doesn't stops... one saying flashed - "everything that doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"
this may be applied here... the animals uses it... its our survival instinct, which says to get rid of this possible danger anyhow(anyhow reefers to anything like prove the other one smaller than you or make yourself better than him)... but to overcome this hunger of getting any better, we fool ourselves with any sort of deactivating mechanism(the easy way!), the other part, which is - to console yourself... or to search for some good words that may help you to digest this very fact... the best thing one can do is to search for approvals and support that makes his delusional frame more stronger and then goes the condition of "yes, im right", "this is it", "thats why it all happened", top of all - "NOT MY FAULT!"... this is the very entry point of our old pal - ego, which further helps in building that delusional site more firmer, more stronger... now the "reasons" comes in the scene... reasons to support that delusion, to have more approvals... any kind of reasons that makes one feel good, which weren't existed previously or even if they were, they would have been on very low priority.
then above all to hide these all erroneous activities came our own master cover - "the true love" in which one wraps up everything that he want to. this works everywhere, after all he found "THE CAUSE"[taunt]...!!! is it so...??? might be, even m not sure... plz help me decide too...
now i had a nice title for above crap:
!!!unmasking the hypocrite!!! - HUMAN MIND

Monday, May 24, 2010

bogus idea no. 1

what should i write so that i can draw all the attention of you for next 2 or may be 3mins...

d very first thing came to this mind is the movie "i hate luv story", but then i thot that whats so spcl about that... i mean another guy hating love, well actually the boundaries of commitment, neways who then falls in the love after some unusual circumstances that are far far off from reality... packaging will be better no doubt with imraan n sonal, no sonam but c'mon, the story yaar. It can be gr8 movie too if given a new base, not that rugged one as seen in many others already...!!!
its like actually saying - "hey you, i don't believe in love(repeatedly)... but you are perfect for me! it is you whom i's waiting for so long and here you are" now the happy moment on audience face, "oh, hes gonna accept it, oh his true feelings..." and many more, even some creatures encounter with those li'l droplets blurring their retina receptions(the vision). Then trying to relate the content(any part) to their respective lives and amusing the virtual options that they can or could have opt for as in the movie!

feeling sick..? u shud be... this one was a **beep** one.

on the way to start a new one...

once again back in blogging arena...
many hot topics to share, many of them which would lead me have some or may be many kicks n punches... but tell you all(imaginary followers, you rock!), it would be worth it!

a li'l change in this one is that i can publish it in public, no personal or stupiditical or idiotic contents are to be posted further(which were really borrrring)...

so wish me luck fellas :)